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Wine Trivia 6
Wine Trivia

Wine Trivia 6:

1. Aromas of yeast or baked bread can be associated with what kind of wine?

• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Champagne
• Dessert Wine

Champagne undergoes a second fermentation whereby it is exposed to dead yeast cells, thus giving it this yeasty aroma. In other wines however, yeast odors can be a sign of a defect.

2. A bottle of wine marked as “Weinkellerei” indicates what?

• An American wine, whose grapes are grown in Germany
• A German wine that is dry
• A German wine produced from grapes not grown by the winemaker

A bottle of wine is marked as “Weinkellerei” when it is produced with grapes that were not grown by the winemaker, probably because they don’t have a vineyard.

3. What is grappa made from?

• The leftover skins, stems, seeds and pulp of grapes used for winemaking
• Grappa grapes grown in Italy
• Fermented white raspberries

Grappa is an alcoholic beverage that is made from the leftover skins, stems, seeds and pulp of grapes used for winemaking. This Italian alcohol contains anywhere from 35-60% alcohol by volume.

4.What species are some of the most well know grape varietals from?

• Vitis Mustangensis
• Vitis Vinifera
• Vitis Lubrusca

Vitis Vinifera is a species native to Europe, has thousands of grape varieties and accounts for the large majority of today’s wines. Vitis lubrusca, native to the US is known for making lower quality wines like Concord!

5. What does it mean when a wine is described as “green”?

• It is made from underripe grapes
• The wine tastes like grass
• It is made from overripe grapes

When a wine is described as green it is because it was made with underripe grapes. A “green” wine will be acidic and lack in fruit qualities. In addition this can mean that the wine is too young to drink.

6. What is Oenophobia?

• A fear of running out of wine
• A fear of getting drunk
• A fear of wine

Somebody who has Oenophobia has a fear or intense hatred of wine. Don’t you think a fear of running out of wine makes more sense though?

7. What graped is used to make Chablis?

• Sauvignon Blanc
• Chardonnay
• Riesling

Chardonnay grapes are used to make Chablis. In the 70s and 80s Chablis was known to be a cheap white jug wine, even though it is one of the most well respected regions in Burgundy!

8. What is the primary grape used to make Beaujolais wines?

• Pinot Noir
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Gamay

The primary grapes used to make Beaujolais wines are Gamay grapes, which grow best in this granite rich region. They tend to produce a light bodied wine with low tannins and fruity qualities. Beaujolais should be served cool and young!

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