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Wine Trivia 5
Wine Trivia

Wine Trivia 5:

1. Which of these is a red grape?

• Verdejo
• Petit Verdot
• Verdello

Petit Verdot is a red grape used in Bordeaux and is traditionally blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It imparts spice, depth and color to wine when blended in small amounts.

Verdejo is a white grape grown in North Central Spain and is used to produce one of Spain’s top dry whites.
Verdello is a white grape used for blending in Orvieto, an Italian Wine.

2. Which flavor would you expect to taste if the bottle was stored upright and the cork had dried out?

• Sherry
• Wet cardboard
• Candied fruit

Sherry. If a cork becomes dried out it may shrink, thus letting in air. This would cause the wine to become oxidized and possibly take on strong vinegar and sherry qualities. Read the learn article “ When to send wine back at a restaurant” to learn more about oxidation and when wines smell like wet cardboard and candied fruit!

3. What is “Vin Mousseaux”?

• A French sparkling wine made outside the Champagne region
• A frothy wine cocktail
• A chocolate mousse made with wine

A French sparkling wine made outside the Champagne region is a Vin Mousseux. They are usually made using the same method as Champagne (Méthode Champenoise.) 

4.Which country is least likely to produce Cabernet Sauvignon?

• Chile
• Germany
• Australia

Germany has a cool climate with a shorter growing season, which is not conducive to growing cabernet sauvignon. These grapes need a longer and warmer growing season, which the other two listed countries can provide.

5. A wine can be described as “chewy” when?

• It hasn’t been filtered and has quite a lot of sediment
• It is full bodied
• It tastes rubbery

Some full bodied wines are so “mouth filling” and have such a heavy viscosity that they can almost seem chewy. Zinfandels from warm areas in California, for example, can take on this “chewy” characteristic.

6. Which American president built a wine cellar in the White House and stocked it with over 20,000 bottles of European wine?

• Ronald Reagan
• Abraham Lincoln
• Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson has a winery in Virginia, but had a love for French wines!

7. A non-vintage wine:

• Is the same as a plonk wine.
• Has a blend of grapes from different harvest years.
• Should be stored in a wine cellar for several years for further aging.

A non-vintage wine has a blend of grapes from different harvest years, and so cannot be given a vintage date. These wines are meant to be consumed without further aging.

8.“When a wine is described as “bilgy” this is due to what?

• Overly ripened grapes
• A moldy oak barrel
• Oxidation

A moldy oak barrel can cause a wine to taste and smell rank and sour. It is named after what one believes the bilge of a ship would taste like (because we obviously all lick those regularly!)

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