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Oh the Horror! Red Wine Stains
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Let’s set the scene. Romantic dinner planned, roses on the table, a little Barry White to set the mood, candles and a bottle of red wine that you have been saving for a special occasion to share with a special person. The night is just getting started and with the slightest wrong movement the glass tips somehow in super slow motion, spilling red wine all the way down your freshly ironed white shirt. Mood officially ruined! Quick! Lights on, shirt off (maybe the mood isn’t ruined after all), it’s time to get to work.

After you’ve spent a moment mourning the loss of an entire glass of wine, move on to what is still salvageable, your shirt! There are many homemade remedies and commercial products that do a surprisingly good job at removing red wine stains.

*Note. These tricks are just as useful if you are sitting alone watching a movie with an entire bottle of red wine by your side. No judgment.

If the garment is dry clean only, do not pretreat it at home first and bring it in as soon as possible.

First things first, make sure you deal with the stain when it is wet. It’s do or die. If the stain has not penetrated through to the other side of the garment, put a dry towel between the front and back of the shirt to prevent further damage. You can use water to dilute the stain and then blot the fabric starting at the outside edges of the stain, moving inwards so it doesn’t spread.

Peroxide with soap
Mix equal parts liquid detergent or soap and hydrogen peroxide. Saturate the stain with this mixed solution and let stand for a few minutes. Next, gently blot the stain with a sponge until the stain disappears. After this, the garment can be machine washed in cool water. Make sure to always check the label for any special care instructions.

Water vinegar soap
Like the previous method, blot the stain first with paper towel or a white cloth while protecting the other unstained side of the garment. Combine a tablespoon of dish soap or liquid detergent with a tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups of warm water. With one towel apply the mixture to the stain and with a second dry towel blot the stain clean as you go. When the stain is gone apply a cold wet rag to the previously stained area and then proceed to blot that dry as well.

White Wine
Though quite counterintuitive, white wine can be poured over a red wine stain to remove it. After the area is saturated with white wine, blot the area with a clean dry towel. The white wine will dilute the red pigmentation and ultimately make the stain easier to remove. The problem with this technique is that we are wasting more wine then we already did when we split it in the first place, so I cannot fully endorse this method.

Wine Away
Wine away is a commercial product that is made from fruit and vegetable extracts and ranks top on the market in its class. So, if spilling is something you may be prone to, like the best of us, it might not be a bad idea to buy this premade product.

A few guidelines to follow:

• Always blot, never rub
• Protect unstained fabric by covering it with a dry towel
• Red wine stains should be treated right away
• If you can’t treat right away poor salt over it which will prevent the stain from settling and spreading. If you spilt on a carpet leave the salt to absorb the liquid and vacuum up the pink crystals the next day!
• Do not exposed the stained area to any heat
• If in doubt, dry clean!

Remember; remain calm, cool and collected. Your shirt might be ruined (though hopefully not after following these guidelines) but your romantic night with that special person (or movie) doesn’t have to be!

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