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How Many Grapes?
Since there is a large variance of spacing, productivity, trellising systems, soils and farming techniques, it is hard to determine exactly how much wine each acre of land may produce. On top of this, wine makers may differ in the amount of juice they are willing to take from each grape. The following chart will provide you with an idea of estimates on the amount of land, grapes, barrels and cases it takes to produce a bottle of wine!

Acre of Land

• 5 tons of grapes (10,000 pounds)
• 14 barrels of wine
• 4000 bottles of wine
• 16,000 glasses of wine
• 500 gallons of wine
• 5,000-13,000 Vines per acre (Napa Valley) 3,000-4,500 Vines per acre (Bordeaux)

Grape Vine

• 4-8 bottles
• 40 clusters of grapes (3000-4000 grapes)

Barrel of Wine

• 59 gallons of wine
• 24.6 cases of wine
• 295 bottles of wine
• 1,180 glasses of wine

Case of Wine

• 12 bottles of wine
• 48 glasses of wine

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